Custom Software Design by End User Solutions
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Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is reviewed for feasibility and submitted for client approval.
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Project Tasks

The specific tasks required to develop the Proposed Solution are identified and prioritized according to the plan requirements.
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Iteration Plan

The current Project Task is broken down into narrow development cycles that focus on clearly defined objectives.
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Development Task

The steps required to complete the current Iteration Plan are carried out.
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Development Time

Development windows within each Iteration Cycle are kept as short as possible in order to maintain focus and allow for continued solicitation of Client Feedback.
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Working Solution

The working solution is presented to the client for final approval and installation.
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Continued Commitment

Updates providing improved functionality and enhanced security are applied through our Continued Commitment program.
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 Custom Software Development

Developing quality solutions through an agile development process; we believe that frequent and clear communication about project scope, objectives, and timelines are crucial to the successful completion of any undertaking. By clearly understanding the business processes of our clients, we are able to deliver well crafted, timely solutions to overcome their current challenges while utilizing design patterns poised to take advantage of tomorrows technologies.
Custom Desktop Applications are designed to encapsulate complex Business Processes into an intuitive interface providing a simpler, more efficient working environment that serves to reduce the amount of training time required for new personnel while preventing operational errors. We understand that achieving this goal is only possible when the development team takes the time to understand the business process of the client so the software can be crafted to meet the exact needs of the business.


 Middleware, Interfaces & Automation

Middleware, or Interfaces, are designed to bridge the gap between other systems. In the course of business companies often find themselves devoting a considerable number of labor hours to transposing information from one application into another. This necessity typically arises when both applications require the same information or Application A produces performs calculations using the entered information and Application B requires the results of that process. In many cases these lost hours can be recouped by developing a small piece of Middleware to transpose the information. Not only does Middleware save the expenditure of labor allowing employees to focus on more productive tasks, it eliminates the human error inevitably incurred in the process.
In many cases these kinds of processes need to be performed on a regular schedule and the required Automation Applications run on a set schedule requiring no human intervention. These projects save valuable labor hours and ensure operations run smoothly by providing a reliable framework to the business. Daly reports, market driven changes, and routine Middleware activities are ideal candidates for Automation.


 Web Development & Cloud Solutions

Web Sites play an ever increasing role in today’s business. Serving as the first point of contact for potential customers, web sites are commonly understood to be an integral part of any well-developed marketing strategy. Cost comparisons to once traditional forms of marketing have also served to promote small businesses to embrace the internet as a vital source of revenue. As technology has advanced, the average person has become so familiar with the internet, they not only accept self-service opportunities - they seek out relationships with businesses that provide them. The average person expects to be able to order merchandise, request services, schedule appointments, and pay through web sites. This has not only become important in business to public relationships, it has now become a vital part of business to business relationships. We understand that modern web design straddles marketing and technology. Our Developers are dedicated to blending marketing and functionality into a seamless experience that compliments both strategies.


 Custom Reporting

Business Intelligence requires more than simply having the data. Being able to structure and present the data in a meaningful way that offers insight into the operations is vital to gaining a clear understanding of the state of the business. Our Developers have a wealth of expertise in designing and generating insightful custom reports that bring understanding to those areas most in need of clarification.
There is a common misconception that the only way to get customized reporting for an application is through the original development team. In cases where the original development team is inaccessible for one reason or another, this often results in companies overlooking the development of valuable custom reports because they believe they are not attainable. Perhaps the most upsetting thing about this scenario is that it is based on a misconception. Standardization of databases technology has made it possible to access the data for most applications from outside of their native interface. This enables our Developers to generate custom reports for third party applications without the need to solicit the original developer.
Almost every business possesses a wealth of information about their clients, productivity, and sales. Unfortunately, many businesses are not aware of how readily this information can be accessed and converted into meaningful reports granting valuable insight into the business.